About Me

Ryan is an audio producer and presenter based out of Dorset, with nearly fifteen years of experience in the radio and audio industry having begun presenting on an OFCOM licenced station at the age of 16. He is currently a technical producer at two National Radio Stations TalkSPORT and Times Radio, as well as a presenter and producer for a live weekly fast-paced Breakfast Show on community radio station Hope FM.


Since 2021 he has been responsible for producing balanced, great sounding radio programmes on National Radio Stations within the Wireless Group such as Times Radio and TalkSPORT working across a variety of programmes including breakfast, live sporting shows and late evening phone-ins. Works closely with Show Producers by mixing and influencing the sound of the program through Telos AxiaFusion audio consoles. He is accountable for putting presenters and guests to air and dialling up and performing line tests with contributors through various sources. 


At Hope FM he is responsible for the programme from beginning to end gathering and researching content for the programme that is interesting and informative for listeners while furthering the vision of the station.  The show has seen an increase in social media interactions often seeing a 3-4 times reach than other programmes on the station.  This reach was even greater during the National Lockdown in March 2020 when Ryan broadcasted from his home and became known as the “DJ in his PJs” after taking the opportunity of working from home to join others and dress down with regular photos of his morning escapades posted online and one even featured in the local newspaper! Ryan oversaw the show running time extension by an extra hour to accommodate the increased listenership in the morning with people listening more whilst at home, this was well-received by audiences and has since remained at the longer running time.  During his time at the station, Ryan has produced and present various shows including other prime-time programmes including the Drive Show and a Saturday Evening specialist music show.  Ryan has spent the time to assist new presenters to the station training them in the use of the equipment and software in the studios, he has also stepped up when needed to schedule music and programming into the station's playout system as well as studio managing presenters who are unkeen on managing the studio for themselves and would rather focus on presenting their programme.

In 2015 he graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Radio Production with a focus on practical and academic radio skills including the production of features, podcasts and producing live radio. During his studies, Ryan produced a number of projects from short piece documentaries to a live magazine-style Tech show “Gizmo” which featured a section that involved on-location recording across the London Underground network where the relatively new WIFI connection was tested out – this required permission from TFL to carry out the recordings.  For his final year graduate piece, Ryan produced a 30-minute programme that focused on the unusual events that occur around the UK including the Wife Carrying Championships and the World Pooh Sticks Championships.


Ryan was also involved in several societies including the Student Radio Station where he produced and co-presented an award-winning show “Chalk and Cheese”.  The show was a light-hearted comedic music and talk show which aired on a weekly basis and contained a variety of quirky and highly developed thought out features such as ‘Play that Tune’ a game which involved guests coming in and playing a variety of songs on a kazoo with everyone else having to guess what the song is. The programme featured a variety of ‘cheese’ music and was also selected to feature several times as a slot at the student nightclub during several student radio takeover events as well as the end of year student festival “Summer Ball” playing a selection of the songs featured on the show.  The show went onto win an award for Best Entertainment Show.  Ryan was also involved in the student representative teams where he successfully campaigned for the Radio Production class to visit several radio stations in London as part of the course. 


Outside of radio Ryan has a love of a variety of film and TV and can regularly be found at his local cinema watching a newly released film! He also loves travelling visiting multiple countries with many more planned! He combined these two when he visited California in 2015 and spent time exploring LA and even got a special tour around the Disney Studios in Burbank!

Ryan in the Hope FM Studio